Casino Marketing – Comedy Night

Casinos looking to draw more customers while providing more variety in their rosters should consider adding regular comedy shows.

This economy is hard on everyone, especially casinos. They are always looking for ways to make their entertainment budget effective, and comedy acts are cheaper to produce than many other shows.


A great benefit for producing comedy shows is that you don’t need a big name star to draw people in to see the act. Look into regional comedians who are established and have built a small fan base. They usually work their craft in places like resorts and local comedy clubs. A comedy club booking agency is a good place to start looking for quality comedians.

A featured regular comedy night each week can draw a large audience representing a wide age range that normally wouldn’t think of going to a casino. Investing in promotion will get the initial crowds, and then word of mouth will help out a lot after that.

After these new and unexpected patrons step inside, then they will be able to see all the nice extras the casino has. Good restaurants and bars, the great entertainment and excellent gaming will win some of them over.

A comedy night is good fun for the casino’s regular customers as well. Having an entertaining break from the tables is a great way to keep customers in the casino longer, while having a nice amenity that will keep them coming back.

Comedy events at casinos in the Midwest are becoming very popular. For some reason, there are few comedy clubs in a lot of the cities where the casinos are located. Combining them together is a great way to tap a need and fill seats as locals flock to see a good show.

Just be sure to do the booking through an agency that has experience dealing with casinos. Find one that is familiar with the area and sensibilities of the audience. Experience matters.

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