Online Live Sports Betting – A Primer For Rookie Punters

With technology’s help, online live sports betting has transformed into a large-scale industry.

Its unprecedented growth is not surprising. Sports enthusiasts, hardcore sports followers or ultras as others call them, will do everything to show support to their favorite players or athletes. Engaging into online live sports betting can be fairly considered as one of their most efficient ways in expressing their seemingly unconditional support.

But other than then need to connect, it cannot be denied that online live sports betting is also a profitable and lucrative activity for many. From being a fan to a determined punter, there are bettors who have already made sports betting as their bread and butter.

Types of bet

There are different types of bet, which exist. Each of them is characterized on how they determine the possible outcome of a game or match.

Money lines

This is the simplest type of bet. It is often described as a straight-forward wager since you only need to determine the winner or loser of the match. Money lines do not consider point spreads.

Point Spread and Asian handicap

Point spread and Asian handicaps are not just concerned with the game’s winner or loser. This approach intends to add more excitement via giving the competing teams an equal winning possibility.

In a point spread, each team is assigned with a specific number of points. The favorite gets a deduction, whilst the underdog gets a head start. For example, in a basketball game where Team A is the favorite and Team B is the underdog, Team A gets a -5 whilst Team B gets a +5.

Once the game is over, the above-mentioned points will be deducted and added from the total score. Let us say that the final score ends at 40-37 and you bet on Team A.

To determine if you have a winning bet, you need to subtract 5 from 40. This gives you 35. As for the underdog, you must add 5 to 37, which gives the latter 42.

In this example, it is clear that in point spread betting, Team B is the winner. Betting on Team A, therefore, gives you a losing bet.

Point spread betting is very popular in the US market and is commonly used in games such as basketball.

Asian handicap works exactly as that of point spread betting. But this is mostly used in football or (soccer) as others call it.

Proposition bets or prop bets

Proposition bets pertains to an event or scenario that might take place in a game. The occurrence or non-occurrence of this event may not necessarily affect the outcome of a game.

In the recently concluded World Cup, one of the most celebrated prop bets is whether the Uruguayan striker, Luis Suarez will bite one of the players or not. Luckily for the bettor, Suarez, indeed, bit Giorgio Chiellini.


Also called as the combo bet, this is all about placing a single bet that links 2 or more individual wagers. These wagers are interconnected.

For example, in a parlay bet wherein you predicted Bayern to win, Wolfsburg to draw and Borussia Dortmund to lose, you will end up losing your bet if any of those outcome does not materialize.

How to profit from sports betting

Although sports betting looks like a mere child’s play, you still need to have a strategy to maximize it. Listed below are simple tips on how you can profit from online live sports betting:

Go for the underdog

Betting for the underdog may be risky, but once the return is high.

Shop for lines

Always look for the lucrative lines. Do not just stick with one sports bookie. Why stick to one if you can always get a better offer?

With all the opportunities, which online live sports betting brings to punters, it is only fitting for you to take advantage of it. UFABET

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